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    Hello, It is Anne Again. To all brands and wholesalers, Faced with high gas prices, more and more people in Europe are planning to turn to electric heaters this winter. Heater will be the big business for you to increase your profit.Topsharp is a manufacturer specializing in small household appliances. Today, I would like to recommend a mini heater newly developed by our factory. This one is mainly used to warm hands and feet on the bed or desk. In addition, it can also create a warmer environment for your little pet.卖点:1.Hot just 2 seconds. Using PTC ceramic heating technology. It has below advantages. Rapid heating and longlife span .Evenly distribute heat, not all of a sudden hot, cold.2.Tip-over protection/Over-heat protectionWhen your child or your little pet accidentally kick over the heater, the machine will shut down right away. To a certain extent, this reduces the risk that the fire will concentrate after the heater falls down.3.Low noiseWhatever you are in your office or you are sleeping, the heater will bring you a comfortable and quite space. In the cold winter months, it can bring you continuous warmth and silence.4.Cool wind to decrease the temperature just 2 seconds. Do you worry about burning your children and pets with a scalding mask when you unplug your heater after using it? This product has a thoughtful design, is to add a cold air gear, after the use of open it, can be room temperature in two seconds.If you need more information or want to ask any questions about this heater, pls contact me at anytime.
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