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  • Desktop Humidifier Supplier & Manufacturers | HandFan
    Desktop Humidifier Supplier & Manufacturers | HandFan
    Hello,everyone.This is Zayn from Topsharp.We are a factory in shezhen China with BSCI audit.Today I want to show you our humidifier HF507.The capacity of the water tank of this humidifier is 1000ml. There are two nozzles at the top of the humidifier, and there's a button that you can click to turn on and change the spray mode. The atomization volume of 1 nozzle is 60ml/h, 2 nozzles are 120ml/h, and when they work alternately is 75ml/h.Additionally, you can turn the LED light on and off by double-clicking the button.The tank can be easily opened for easy cleaning, and there are UV lamps for water sterilization and metal probes to avoid dry burning.As you can see,this humidifier has a large atomization volume, easy cleaning, and UV lamp for sterilization, which is very beneficial to healthy living. If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more details. Thanks for watching, see you next time.
  • Professional Bottle Humidifier manufacturers | HandFan
    Professional Bottle Humidifier manufacturers | HandFan
    Hello, Everyone. I am Anne from Topsharp. We are the first hand-held usb fan designer. Our main market is in South Korea and Japan. We specialized in Home Appliances since 2013. Today I ‘d like to share one of our private model-Humidifier. If you are looking for the high-end portable humidifier,  this one must be the best choice for you. I will give you the three reasons why you need it.1.It is palm size for you to take anywhere.Using on the crowded table, it won't take up much space. Because the size is even smaller than your vacuum cup. When you are traveling, camping, in office, you can bring it and use it easily anytime. What’s more, the weight is just 90g. Holding them doesn't add any burden.2.The electroplating process makes the humidifier look more stylish and sophisticated.Style out of fashion, suitable for men, women and children. As a gift products, it will be a super good choice for end-customers.3.This product we sell around 100K each year.The production process is very mature. We are very experienced in quality inspection of this product.The product has also been widely accepted by consumers. As a brand and wholesaler, you don't need to spend too much money and managers to market new products.
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