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  • Portable Humidifier Supplier & manufacturers | HandFan
    Portable Humidifier Supplier & manufacturers | HandFan
    Hello everyone! This is Helen of Topsharp .I’m at our production workshop now. You can see our production is very standard .This is one of our dual mist series humidifier, and this is our quality inspection position , Everyday , they operate 100% function and appearance inspection for each order .Choose us, you’ll win in business market !
  • Stroller Fan Supplier & manufacturers Products | HandFan
    Stroller Fan Supplier & manufacturers Products | HandFan
    Hello,everyone.This is Zayn from Topsharp.We are a manufacturer in Shenzhen that cooperates with Panasonic and Muji.Today I would like to introduce to you our rechargeable fan HF382.I use this fan as a desk fan in my daily work because it has turbo blade, which makes it very quiet but makes the wind very stronge.As you can see, it has three octopus-like legs.So you can use it as a hand-held fan, desk fan or clip-on fan by changing the shape of its legs.And this fan can rotate 360 degrees,its switch button is on the back.This fan has three speeds, which can be adjusted by this button.You can adjust the speed according to your needs.In general, this product is very useful in daily life and work, and is suitable for a wide range of people. If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more details. Thanks for watching, see you next time.
  • Best Quality Fan Heater Factory | HandFan Supplier & manufacturers | HandFan
    Best Quality Fan Heater Factory | HandFan Supplier & manufacturers | HandFan
    Hello, It is Anne Again. To all brands and wholesalers, Faced with high gas prices, more and more people in Europe are planning to turn to electric heaters this winter. Heater will be the big business for you to increase your profit.Topsharp is a manufacturer specializing in small household appliances. Today, I would like to recommend a mini heater newly developed by our factory. This one is mainly used to warm hands and feet on the bed or desk. In addition, it can also create a warmer environment for your little pet.卖点:1.Hot just 2 seconds. Using PTC ceramic heating technology. It has below advantages. Rapid heating and longlife span .Evenly distribute heat, not all of a sudden hot, cold.2.Tip-over protection/Over-heat protectionWhen your child or your little pet accidentally kick over the heater, the machine will shut down right away. To a certain extent, this reduces the risk that the fire will concentrate after the heater falls down.3.Low noiseWhatever you are in your office or you are sleeping, the heater will bring you a comfortable and quite space. In the cold winter months, it can bring you continuous warmth and silence.4.Cool wind to decrease the temperature just 2 seconds. Do you worry about burning your children and pets with a scalding mask when you unplug your heater after using it? This product has a thoughtful design, is to add a cold air gear, after the use of open it, can be room temperature in two seconds.If you need more information or want to ask any questions about this heater, pls contact me at anytime.
  • Best Quality Table Clip Fan Supplier & manufacturers | HandFan
    Best Quality Table Clip Fan Supplier & manufacturers | HandFan
    Hi, Do you know which factory Panasonic or Muji work with-for usb fan or handheld fan? Yes it is us---ShenZhen Topsharp Precision Electronics Co. Ltd. We are the first handheld usb fan supplier in the world. Our high quality products help Japanese and Korean customers gain a lot of loyal customers, expand the scale of their company. Every year we export around 50 million pcs usb fan to the world. If you are a high quality products do long-term brand or a wholesaler to do high - end, our products are very suitable for you. Next I will show you a new product-our private model-desk usb fan-5000mAh.How do we choose a good desktop small fan?Firstly, Wind is the first factor that everyone considers. This wind speed can be over 4.9m/s.The wind is so concentrated that you can feel the force within three meters. Second, When you use in classroom, office or bedroom, The sound of the fan won't bother anyone else. This desk fan we use brushless motor and matched the turbine customized blades. It is arguably one of the quietest fans ever seen on the market. Thirdly, it is a desk fan, clip fan.The fan has head shaking function. The working time is 4.5-20H. If with head shaking function, the waorking time is 2-8.6H. We all tested it by our professional engineers. Not fake data.Last but not least, This usb fan motor can run 20K hours. If it is not artificially broken, there is no problem in continuous use for more than three years. Front cover is removable and washable.The fan can be folded and stored, and storage in winter does not take up space.This fan combines the advantages of all fans and solves all the pain points of customers. Are you still not excited?
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