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  • Customized Electric Toothbrush & Toothbrush Disinfection Box manufacturers | HandFan
    Customized Electric Toothbrush & Toothbrush Disinfection Box manufacturers | HandFan
    Hey,guys.This is Zayn.Today I bring you a few oral care products.These two are our electric toothbrushes,this one is wireless charging and this one is type-C charging.As you can see, they are very small and easy to carry.Also,they are lightweight so they are very comfortable to hold.With a high-efficiency sonic motor for stain removal, the vibration frequency can reach about 31200 times/min.And due to the precise internal design, the vibration is small and the noise is less than 60 decibels.They're IPX7 waterproof, and both have 5 adjustable modes:clean,white,gum care,soft and sensitive.And there are two minutes of regular brushing,with an 800mAh battery, the duration time can be up to 30 days.//And this one is our toothbrush disinfection box,its overall design is simple.On top of it is a phone holder design,and it has 3 slots and 2 UV lamps for sterilization inside.Its cover is magnetic induction, and it will perform a high-efficiency sterilization work for 2 minutes each time the cover is closed.With a 1200mAh battery, its duration time can be up to 4 months.OK,If you are interested in our oral care products, please contact us immediately. Thanks for watching, see you next time.
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