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August 14, 2022

In order to promote the construction of corporate culture and promote the rapid integration of employees, on the afternoon of August 14, Topsahrp promoted the company culture under the guidance of general Manager Xu.

Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been adhering to the mission: cool, quench thirst, and moisten the world;

The vision of the company: to be a memorable enterprise;

Company slogan: We are a learning organization, innovative team, we focus on quality and innovation, self-reliance and self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence, we are grateful to people, do our best to things, cherish things;

Common ENCOURAGING slogan: Life is great because of dreams, because of learning and change, because of action and success! The height of thought, determine the height of life! The speed of learning determines the speed of development! Come on;

Fun slogan: WE are lively and lovely, we are full of passion, we are professional funny, we pursue happiness, we are really fun. Ha ha ha;

The most important thoughts of the company management people Management soul (seven steps) : Goal - plan - Execution - Inspection - Results - Responsibility - Reward and punishment

"At present, the company is in a critical period to realize team transformation, we should give full play to the important role of corporate culture in promoting development, regulating management, displaying image, cultivating atmosphere and rallying people, and more importantly, promoting the spirit of unity of all cadres and workers. Ideals, beliefs, values and moral values build common ideals, common goals, common values, and make sure that the upper and lower screws into a rope, gathering the power of entrepreneurship." "Mr. Xu said.

2.0 training will focus on corporate culture is to improve team cohesion and fighting capacity, the main content is a corporate culture to speak about special meeting, write a set of company culture idea, in the competition of the enterprise culture competition editor to make announcements of the corporate culture, and focus on strengthening the construction of corporate culture from various angles, strengthening the base of the innovation of the publicity, Promote the promotion of corporate culture.

Only by organically integrating the company's corporate culture concept with the employees' active and healthy spirit and cultural pursuit, and guiding employees to actively practice the company's cultural concept, can we continuously enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, establish a good image and cultivate the core competitiveness.


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