What is the working principle and characteristics of the hand washer HandFan

July 23, 2022

The working principle and characteristics of the hand washer liquid soap dispensers

One of the most common things in the bathroom is the automatic induction hand sanitizer machine. When we put our hand under the hand sanitizer machine, it will automatically sense the hand sanitizer. So what is the principle applied? Let's find out together.
HandFan Hand Washer

In fact, there is an infrared proximity sensor device in the hand sanitizer machine. The proximity sensor is a device with the ability to sense the proximity of an object, also known as a proximity switch.When our hand approaches the induction position of the hand sanitizer machine, the light emitted by the light-emitting diode inside the sensor will be reflected back to the photosensitive receiver when it touches the hand, and the corresponding switch signal will be output, and the hand sanitizer machine will automatically supply liquid.

Infrared proximity sensors have the advantages of strong resistance to external light interference, high stability, small size, easy installation, and no mechanical parts.

HandFan hand washer has the following features:

The HandFan hand washer has 5 adjustable dispensing speeds and 3 dispensing modes: spray, foam, gel.

1. Infrared Smart Sensor: HandFan touchless automatic spray dispenser is designed with built-in infrared motion sensor detection technology, which can detect your hand in one pass. Just put your hand under the sensor and the liquid will spray out automatically. This allows for quick and easy hand cleaning for optimal hand hygiene and effectively avoids bacterial cross-contamination.

2. IPX7 waterproof: this hand washing machine can wash the bottle body at will.

3. Antibacterial material: HandFan hand washer machine has added antibacterial material, which can prevent the hand washer from getting moldy in dark and damp places.

4.Hand washer pallet design: There is a pallet at the bottom of the hand washer, which can prevent the liquid from dripping on the table.

5.Easy to Use: Quick installation and safety refill: Remove the tank from the bottom to refill. You don't have to worry about the damage by liquid seeping into the dispenser through the button.

6.Application scenarios: 250ml capacity design, suitable for homes, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, hotels and other places.

*Warning: The automatic dispenserr is not suitable for highly concentrated soapy water and other highly concentrated viscous liquids.


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