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What is the structure and characteristics of the fan heater? | HandFan

July 20, 2022

This V0 grade Fire-proof flame resistance ABS material 2 in 1 heater fan,3 adjustable modes.Built-in thermostat and fuse, the power will turn off automatically ,when heater temperature is higer than 75 ℃.Can use this products all the year , not only the hot summer, but also the cold winter.

The structure and characteristics of the fan heater

HandFan Fan Heater
Because of its fast heating, energy saving and affordable price, the fan heater is one of the necessary small appliances for winter heating in many families.

Do you know how the fan heater works? What are its characteristics? Today, I will introduce the structure and characteristics of the fan heater.

The principle is the same as that of the electric heating wire, except that a small fan is installed on the heater to enhance heat diffusion and allow the hot air to travel throughout the house. The heater is mainly composed of an air heater and a fan. The air heater dissipates heat, and then the fan is sent out to adjust the indoor air. The fan is the core component of the heater, mainly composed of micro motors and fan blades.Good insulation, no noise during operation, more suitable for living room, dining room and bedroom.

  • The Handfan heater has the following features:

1. The heat is concentrated, the heat dissipation area is large, and the thermal efficiency is high;

2. Cool and warm 2 in 1, portable.Not only the hot summer, but also the cold winter . Due to its small size , you can carry it with you easily everywhere you need it;

3. PTC ceramic heating plate, 3 seconds instant heating. Low thermal resistance, fast heating, fast heating in winter;

4. Adjustable 3 modes: 1st mode is cold air, 2nd mode is warm air (500W), 3rd mode is warm air (1000W), input AC 100-220v;

5. V0 grade Fire-proof flame resistance ABS material,safe to use.The product with this material is durable,thick with flame retardant,safety to use,even for elderly and children;

6. Overheating protection.Built-in thermostat and fuse,the power will turn off automatically,when heater temperature is higher than 75 ℃;

7. 6 hours' default timer working time.It's another safety protection measure,the heater fan will stop working after 6 hours continuous working,this setting can make sure the product's life;

8. Anti-pitch protection.When the heater fan is upside down or slant above 45 degree angle,red led lights will flash , and the fan heater will turn off instantly. 

The above content is the structural characteristics of the heater. The fan heater can be used for heating alone, and is generally used to supplement the insufficient part of the radiator. The basic structure is mainly composed of a fan, an electric heating element, a protective device and a casing. If you want to know more, please follow us.


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