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What are the magic features of HandFan neck-hanging fan?

July 13, 2022

HandFan neck fan adopts a new type of vaneless neck fan with hands-free design and adjustable air flow angle. Ergonomic design, with advanced design and advanced fan motor, the neck is comfortable to wear. Built-in rechargeable battery, very suitable for outdoor sports and travel.

HandFan New Arrivals --Neck Fan

Refrigeration Neck Fan
Silicone Neck Fan
Foldable Pocket Neck Fan

With the arrival of summer, the temperature is also accelerating, and the bursts of heat waves blowing at the face really make people retreat. It brings great inconvenience to people's life and work. To say that the must-have equipment for home, work, travel, and play in summer, fans must be indispensable. As the global leader in handheld small fans, Handfan has launched a new refrigeration neck fan HF375 and a foldable pocket neck fan HF378. Now let's talk about the magic of the HandFan hanging neck fan:

Leafless design, safe to use.

Different from the traditional bladed fans, HandFan these fans are designed without blades. The turbine air blows as mild as natural wind, but the wind is strong enough, which is very considerate and ensures safe use, especially for long hair, you don't have to worry about twisting your hair when you blow it, which is good.

Smooth wind, comfortable and soft.

The traditional bladed fan uses the blades to cut the air to push the airflow, resulting in a dramatic wind shock, which makes it uncomfortable to blow for a long time. The bladeless neck fan can effectively improve air efficiency, reduce resistance, and provide a wider air supply surface, blowing out a natural, stable and uniform midsummer night cool breeze, bringing a more comfortable wind experience to people, even for pregnant women, children and the elderly. It is no problem to use it for special groups.

Hanging neck design, free hands.

The appearance of the hanging neck fan is a headphone shape, fashionable and casual, if you don't look carefully, no one will find out that it is a small fan. The operation is also very convenient, you don't need to hold it in your hand, just hang it on your neck, and gently press the switch button to let out the wind easily. The whole strap that touches the skin is made of silicone, which is soft and comfortable, and can be bent arbitrarily to adjust the direction of the air outlet. It can be blown on the face, neck, and chest, and it can be blown wherever it is hot. It is really convenient to use.

Long battery life and full power.

Under normal circumstances, for indoor use, select the first gear speed, and the HandFan hanging neck fan can be used continuously for about 6 hours. If it is a very hot weather, go out frequently, choose the maximum wind speed, you can also work for 3-4 hours, even if the battery is out of power, you can choose to charge the USB port of the power bank, and you can continue to enjoy the coolness soon. It's just a small air conditioner that goes with you. 

With such a high-value, powerful Handfan hanging neck fan, you can easily deal with it when you go out on a hot day. It is a proper summer savior to welcome the midsummer and hot summer. With it, it is refreshing to the end~

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