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Is it worth getting a 2022 New Electric Toothbrush with Palm Size? | HandFan

July 06, 2022

HandFan-Electric Toothbrush

We have always believed that, a good product may not be expensive or a big brand, but it must be able to actually improve your happiness. 

The HandFan electric toothbrush that editor want to share today is the one that makes you feel good before you go to bed or after wake up .

HandFan Electric Toothbrush Power could compete with Panasonic and Philips, but it is much smaller than them.
1.With twin-engines magnetic levitation motor make 1cm wide wing on the bristle to clean oral effectively over 31,200strokes/min

2.5modes:polish,clean,whiten,massage,sensitive,offers varying oral care needs

3.IPX7 waterproof,seamlessly docked with the main body,can withstand underwater immersion,and be direclty washed with water

4.Each gear automatically works for 2 minutes,automatically reminds every 30 seconds

5.Smart LED indicater with power shortage reminder and power-off protection

6.Built-in 800mA lithum-ion battery,full charge for  twice a day,up to 60 days of continue use

7.Super Slim and 84g light design, it is portable for holding and travelling

8.Two different bristles with hard W shape and soft Montain shape for different usage experience

9.Sophisticated interior design for reducing noise and shaking

Jacky, the founder of the HandFan electric toothbrush brand, is a young and intelligent young man in Guangxi. 

He has led his R&D team to walk on the cutting edge of innovation. He is proud of his Portable Rechargable Fan and HandFan Water Bottle , and has become a clean current of small household appliance industry, he also led to the continuous expansion of related industries.

Editor: Your small fan industry has been so successful, why you have to start an electric toothbrush from scratch? 

Jacky: My brother has been in the oral care field for many years and knows many electric toothbrush products very well. In European and American countries that attach importance to oral health, the coverage of electric toothbrushes has reached more than 80%, while China, Japan and other countries are less than 30%. I hope that with my participation, this industry can be promoted more quickly, so that people who have used electric toothbrushes can choose a more portable electric toothbrush in the real sense, and people who have not used electric toothbrushes can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable brushing experience.

Penetration Rate of Electric Toothbrush Market in Various Countries

With the improvement of consumption level, the popularization of oral care knowledge and the continuous enrichment of product categories and functions, China's electric toothbrush industry has entered a period of rapid growth, and the demand will usher in a new round of growth. Electric toothbrush market scale expansion speed is fast, the future space is still considerable. In 2017, the market size of China's electric toothbrush was only about 1 billion yuan, but in 2019, it has reached about 8 billion RMB, with an average annual growth rate of 69.5%.


Most of electric toothbrush has, HandFan has 

◪31200 times/min sonic cleaning, cleaner and cleaner

◪American DuPont bristles, 100% rounded filaments

◪5gear modes, choose it as you like

◪Type-C 3H charging, 60 days long standby

◪IPX7 waterproof

HandFan Has What Other Else Dont Have
1. For an electric toothbrush, the details are secondary, whether it can protect and clean the teeth is the key   

As a new type of toothbrush, the electric toothbrush rotates rapidly to generate high-frequency vibration, which quickly decomposes the toothpaste into fine foam, which can penetrate deeper into the interdental space. It removes 38% more plaque than a manual toothbrush and can more effectively reduce exogenous tooth staining caused by drinking tea, coffee and other reasons.

Electric toothbrushes are generally divided into two types: one is rotary and the other is vibrating . In theory, the rotary type cleans the tooth surface more cleanly, but the degree of wear and tear on the tooth surface is also greater; the vibrating type uses high-frequency vibration to beat the toothpaste into a large number of tiny bubbles, which are generated when the bubbles burst. Pressure can penetrate deep between teeth to clean dirt. (From the perspective of editor's personal experience, I recommend choosing a vibrating electric toothbrush, which can not only clean the dirt that is difficult to clean deep between the teeth, but also does not harm the teeth surface)

I asked Jacky how the HandFan toothbrush compares to brands like Philips, Panasonic and Ora-B. Jacky said that the HandFan toothbrush can at least compete with the high-end products of more than 800RMB from the big brands. I have also confirmed this from the mouth of a handsome boy in the company who uses a Philips toothbrush.

2. Sophisticated and simple shape    

The ultra-mini size of the HandFan toothbrush makes it stand out from a wide variety of true electric toothbrushes.

In addition to the Panasonic EW-DL36-A model, which can be benchmarked, but in terms of price, HandFan can only stand at the foot of the mountain and look up at it. The mini body determines its portability, and it can be owned at any time at home or during travel in the future. 

From the data point of view, the amplitude of a conventional electric toothbrush is about 31,000 times per minute, and the HandFan toothbrush can still achieve such an amplitude with such a small body, which means that it provides you with portability without deliberately making it practical.

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