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Travel to Dapeng Peninsula | Topsharp&HandFan

November 07, 2020

Real life field combat, picnic experience, fun development, sea kayaking, tug-of-war, seaside barbecue... On November 7, 2020, Topsharp linked up with the launch of a wide range of holiday travel products and routes, giving employees a beautiful rest in the mountain and sea scene.


08:00 collection

Set out for Dapeng Peninsula through Dameisha, Xiaomeisha, Yantian port to start a pleasant journey

10:00 Arbutus Pit hike

Yangmeikeng is a beautiful wedding photography paradise, here the domestic well-known wedding photography base, is the most beautiful valley in Shenzhen. Yangmeikeng tour excellent seascape photo point, unique gravel beach, 4 kilometers of beautiful seaside highway, super beautiful Mermaid shooting place, deer mouth Villa romantic resort; Yangmeikeng is really a rare piece of pure land in Shenzhen, both gentle beach, wild sea cliff......

Guan Hu is the first seaside fishing village in Dapeng New Area, with the reputation of "little Okinawa", attracting the favor of little brother and miss sisters, every photo is thought to be in Okinawa, Japan, the beach is divided into several levels, close to the sea the sand is very thick and very tied feet, a little sand is very fine

12:40 Men in the field

The rules of the game will be explained by the drill instructor in the parade. Red flag in the castle, almost the same, the number of both sides, never same city bao, the two sides in the process of forward to try to wipe out the enemy troops to save our strength, the comrades to each other to help cover fire between his own forward forces, to ensure their smooth aboard the castle took the red flag, red flag GangHui smoothly this war to win.


14:30 Kayak competition

For people who really like water sports, kayaking is a good choice. It can not only keep fit but also lose weight. In the process of moving, we can also exercise the arm muscles very well. Canoeing sport belongs to the speed endurance project, often participates in the canoeing movement, can effectively enhance the human cardiovascular system and respiratory system function, develops the whole body muscle strength and endurance.

15:00 to the end of the competition

Kechango is the only village with a coastline. Jiaochangwei beach is relatively long and narrow, the beach is divided into several levels, close to the sea where the sand is very thick and very tied feet, a little above the sand is very fine and soft. Although the water OF Jinshui Bay is relatively shallow, a group of young people who love sea sports gather here to set sail and play various sea sports.

Go round and round, midsummer night, met Dongshan Haitian connected Dapeng ancient city and comparative field end stack group. Ancient city alleys, hiding how many lost historical time; Those inns that blossom like flowers generally on the coastline are blooming with their unique style and graceful stories. Here, I began to believe that for travel, infatuation is the beginning of attachment. Sentimentally attached, only expect to have time. And life mediocrity, and really can achieve.

15:40 Tug-of-war on the beach

The organization personnel clear rules and responsibilities, only listen to the referee blew a whistle, fierce tug-of-war began: the two sides pulled up, both sides do not give way, cheerleading constantly echo in the ears. Another cheer broke out. Tug-of-war, increased team spirit, collective spirit.


17:00 Barbecue by the sea

Start to prepare the barbecue (barbecue time according to the situation of the day, the guide will arrange the time of 17: Between 00 and 18:00, according to the tension of the beach barbecue to arrange), there are fat chicken legs, tender chicken wings, strong beef meatballs, ham, eggplant, green pepper, etc., barbecue materials are complete, but also what, together to "self-reliance", to feed their own stomach!


18:30 Ride back to my warm home with a relaxed mood



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