About HandFan The role and benefits of humidifiers | HandFan

December 22, 2022

About HandFan The role and benefits of humidifiers | HandFan

Humidifier as a very common in our lives now a small household appliances, whether it is really home or office, humidifier everywhere, it can be said that there are very many benefits and role. In fact, the main benefit is to adjust the state of dryness and humidity balance in the room. Today we will talk about the benefits and role of HandFan humidifier.



  •  Humidify the air

  • Humidifier's main role is to humidify the air, dry air in winter, especially hot and dry indoor, air humidifier will play a role in regulating the state of dryness and humidity balance in the room, HandFan ultrasonic humidifier is to disperse water molecules atomized into the air.

  •  Protect the respiratory tract

  • Dry air is prone to respiratory diseases, and humidifiers can increase the humidity in the air, thus protecting people's respiratory tract and reducing the chances of respiratory infections.

  •  Slow down the aging of furniture

  • In a dry environment, furniture will accelerate aging and even deformation and cracking. In fact, the preservation of the above items need to maintain indoor humidity between 45%-65% RH, but indoor humidity in winter is far below this standard. And humidifier increases the humidity in the air, thus making furniture, etc. can be preserved and used for a longer time.

  •  Nourish the skin

  • Winter indoor climate is very dry, you can use a humidifier, humidifier so that the indoor air becomes moist, naturally your skin will also be humidifier effect, become less dry, so that the body will be more comfortable.

  •  Although there are many benefits of humidifiers, but also the scientific use of humidifiers ---- attention to cleanliness; clean water; should not be open for a long time.




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