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HandFan Water Bottle Grand Releasing | Topsharp | HandFan

April 06, 2023
HandFan Water Bottle Grand Releasing | Topsharp | HandFan

Brand Story

HANDFAN is the inventor of new energy hand-held fan (Obtained US invention patent in 2015) and leader of the industry . Since its birth in 2013, HANDFAN has taken 

continuous product innovation, surpassing itself, and creating the new life as its mission. In the field of new energy mini fans, we have created many firsts, 

the first handheld folding fan, the first powerbank fan, the first mist fan, the first neck fan, etc. HANDFAN's fans are known for its 

high wind speed, quietness, durability and safety.

Water bottles and fans are traditional products. People need to drink water and cool down when they are exercising, climbing, cycling, baby stroller, 

outdoor patrolling, indoor office, etc. How to make “drink and cool” more fun and convenient, this is HANDFAN's new mission.

But the new mission of designing a fan on a 7.5cm bottle lid is not easy: First, it is difficult to achieve excellent cooling effect and long working time, because it is 

difficult to design larger fan blades and batteries ; Secondly, arranging circuit boards. Batteries, straws, etc in the lid is also difficult. Third, the most difficult 

thing is to make the fan waterproof in a small space to wash directly with tap water (we rarely see it in daily life).

In 2020, the bottle with fan was finally completed. We created a miracle, creating a fan with strong wind, low noise and long working time 

on the 75cm lid. and obtained invention patents from 22 countries including the USA, Europe, and Japan. We named 

it “HANDFAN BOTTLE” which redefines a new category of water bottles.

In the future, HANDFAN will continue to surpass itself and innovate for health of people.

HandFan bottle is a portable, rechargeable water bottle with a built-in fan to keep cool and refreshed during the hot summer, the bottle is 20-ounce with 4W high-power electric fan and filter. 

This unique water bottle is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay cool and hydrated on a hot summer day.The bottle is designed to be both practical and stylish, with a sleek, modern design that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The bottle is available in a range of colors and is made from high-quality materials. It is made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan, ensuring it is safe for everyday use. The HandFan water bottle has been certificated by PCC, ANSI, EMC, CE, and PSE, ensuring top-notch quality.

HandFan CEO says, “We are excited to announce the release of our latest product, the HandFan Bottle. This innovative travel bottle is perfect for anyone who wants to stay cool and refreshed during the hot summer months. With its powerful fan and portable design, the HandFan Bottle is the ultimate summer accessory for anyone who loves the outdoors.”

A HandFan customer stated, “It's easy to stay refreshed on the go with this versatile beauty. You can fill it with your choice of drink or even pour in some ice cubes for an extra burst of chill. The built-in fan is activated by pressing the button on the cap, and it comes in handy whether you’re feeling hot while stuck in traffic or just want some extra ventilation while sitting at your desk. It’s a perfect item to bring along on trips when traveling by car or plane, since you never know when you might need some relief from uncomfortable temperatures.”

Let's look at how did consumers say it~~~

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Company Advantages

1.ShenZhen TopSharp Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production, development and sales of patented small charging fans, mobile power fans, spray fans, humidifiers, hand warmers, and mobile phone peripheral products. They are all small household appliances for life, and the products are light and easy to carry. It is extensively used in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, shopping malls, etc.
2.ShenZhen TopSharp Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of product development experience and a strong engineering research and development team. The products have undergone strict inspections during the production process and before shipment. All products have passed CE, FCC, KC, PSE, ROHS, EN71, CPSIA, EEC, EC and other tests. We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.
3.ShenZhen TopSharp Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. has a very complete organizational structure. From product design-product production-product sales-product after-sales, every step we take is strictly controlled, and every step of the product is professional. The team is responsible. We provide a one-stop service integrating design, measurement, production, delivery, installation, and after-sales service.
4.ShenZhen TopSharp Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of patented household appliances, product design and production, We select raw material suppliers carrying the certificates that 100% guarantee the materials do no harm to the environment.

About HandFan

Shenzhen TopSharp Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is established in 2007 and is mainly dedicated to the design, development, production, and sales of innovative small household appliances such as mini rechargeable fans, washable fans, power bank fans, mist fans, humidifiers, electric toothbrushes, air purifier and so on. As the first research and development manufacturer of handheld rechargeable fans, we have more than 15 years of independent product development experience and a strong R&D team. Our company is more focused on product innovation and gets more than 200 invention patents, utility models, appearance patents, and foreign PCT patents. Our company has passed BSCI, ISO9001:2015, TUV, and other factory inspection audits. We have 8,000 square meters of office and production workshop and have more than 300 employees. Our company attaches great importance to product safety, durability, and process quality control. Most of the products have passed CE, FCC, KC, PSE, ROHS, EN71, CPSIA, PAHs, and Phthalates. The Well-known customers that we have cooperated with include E-Mart in South Korea, Panasonic in Japan, LIDL in Europe and TORRAS in China, etc. Most of our customers are super chain supermarkets or famous home appliance brands, so products innovation, quality control and sales service is our three most core advantageous. As a professional manufacturer in innovation home appliance field, we are also one of national high-tech enterprise which got many strong support from Shenzhen goverment. Our company tag is "professional & excellence & special". 1. Professional: We have more than 60 types of products of the same type in terms of size, usage, appearance and other aspects, and the number of global patents has reached more than 200. Our categories are small, but we are trying to make a category of products to the best. 2. Excellence: exquisite management, our team only has about 300 people, but we have a perfect process and quality control system, and more than 50 kinds of experimental instruments. 3. Special: value creation is special for manufacturing enterprises, it will cause a new way of life, that's what we've been striving for. From 2014, our start the first step with portable rechargeable fan, which created a new personalized use method for home appliances, and we have developed a complete manufacturing and quality control standard for the small appliance industry. The goal of Topsharp is to be an expert in this vertical field of small household appliances.

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